1. Consult

We begin our estate sale services by providing a complimentary consultation and assessment prior to estate sale. Working with homeowners and executors possessing estates of all sizes, we do the staging and pricing of items as well as the sale’s promotion in online estate websites.

2. Organize

After your initial consult, a customized plan is designed to help liquidate the contents of a home that meet your goals and budget. Personal property is inventoried, researched, photographed, and staged to achieve the best return on your investment. We also offer services for a complete home clean out or staging prior to a home going on the real estate market.

3. Estate Sale

Once everything is up and ready to go, our staff will be present to assist with purchases, security, and all the other aspects of the estate sale during the single or multi-day process. After cleaning up a successful sale, we will leverage our network of established buyers and dealers to continue the estate liquidation for any remaining unsold items.